【Emergency instruction system and guidance  policy (excerpt) in school】

 ・Emergency communication System 
 ・Measures concerning prevention of infectious diseases 
  (About suspension of attendance)
 ・Food allergy support for school lunch

 [Disasters / disaster prevention]

 ・ 2020, Safety and disaster prevention plan ・ evacuation route map
 ・ About dealing with disasters
 ・ Countermeasures for when accidents or incidents occur under
  school nagement
 ・ Response during emergency disasters such as typhoons
 ・Response when the J-Alert System is activated

  Ichikawa-City disaster prevention measures (Evacuation/refuge map)   
 ※Ichikawa police station home page

・The latest school hours in October will be until 5:30 PM. NEW

・All phone calls will go to an answering machine from 5:30 pm to 7:30 AM
  the next morning.

The Welcome ceremony, Opening ceremony and entrance ceremony were postponed due to preparations to issue an emergency declaration on April 6. For details, please see the Ichikawa City Board of Education website.
2nd and 3rd year students set up a "new year contact day" to distribute handouts including textbooks and to contact them at the beginning of the year, and distributed to different genders. We made various communications at the beginning of the posting year. For new students, one guardian came to the school once and received textbooks. They had been contacted at the beginning of the year.
 Please register the contact email. We will inform you about future correspondence.
 Ichikawa City will make decisions about reopening schools. Depending on the future situation, the schedule may change. If you are in contact with us while the school is closed, we will post it on the school homepage in addition to the contact email, so please check regularly.

          【Various procedures】

 Certificate of enrollment ・ Graduation certificate ・ Transcripts ・
 Certificate of attendance ・ Student discount ・ Others

        ※For various procedures, please click here.


  【Symptoms of infection etc. / emergency】
Measur body temperature, and  Beware of infectious diseases such as flu and coronavirus. Prevention should be done, such as hand washing and gargle.Please、take measures. 

"Emergency mail" can now be viewed on the homepage.The latest information will be sent via "emergency mail".


 <Our school's educational goal for 2020 is:>

 "Developing students with the power to live together richly  and strongly,fostering human beings that can be accepted
 successfully in society as an adult in the future."

            <Student image aim>

 Independence / Indomitability / Cooperation / Health

 We want to raise students with vitality to make the future great.



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