【Emergency instruction System and guidance
                     policy (excerpt) in school】

 ・Emergency communication System 
 ・Measures concerning prevention of infectious diseases 
  (About suspension of attendance)
 ・Food allergy support for school lunch

 [Disasters / disaster prevention]

 ・ 2019, Safety and disaster prevention plan ・ evacuation route map
 ・ About dealing with disasters
 ・ Countermeasures for when accidents or incidents occur under
  school nagement
 ・ Response during emergency disasters such as typhoons
 ・Response when the J-Alert System is activated

  Ichikawa-City disaster prevention measures (Evacuation/refuge map)   
 ※Ichikawa police station home page


 ・The latest school hours in December will be until 5:00 PM.NEW

 ・All phone calls will go to an answering machine from 5:30 pm to 7:30 AM
  the next morning..

【Various procedures】

 Certificate of enrollment ・ Graduation certificate ・ Transcripts ・
 Certificate of attendance ・ Student discount ・ Others

          ※For various procedures, please click here.

          【Emergency contact】 As of May 8.
 there is no emergency contact

    【Symptoms of infection etc. / emergency contact】
 Influenza infections are on the increase

(As of May 8. )

 In the case of infection diseases, we will notify you of emergency
 contacts via contact mail or our contact network. (As of may, 2019)

 <Our school's educational goal for 2019 is:>

 "Developing students with the power to live together richly
 and strongly,fostering human beings that can be accepted
 successfully in society as an adult in the future."

            <Student image aim>

 Independence / Indomitability / Cooperation / Health

 We want to raise students with vitality to make the future great.

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