<Our school's educational goal for 2023 is:>

 "Developing students with the power to live together richly
 and strongly,fostering human beings that can be accepted into society
 successfully as an adult in the future."

         <Student image aim>

 Independence / Indomitability / Cooperation / Health

 We want to raise students with the ability to make the future great.


【Latest News/Topics】NEW

 Thank you very much for the great turnout at the Open School and the Club Parents' Meeting. With the warm days reminiscent of early summer continuing, students are becoming more and more accustomed to school, and we are seeing more and more scenes of them being energetic and active, their eyes shining brightly.
May is the month in which preparations and practices for the Sports Festival begin in earnest, and since it is also a difficult month, sometimes referred to as " May Blues" the entire staff will work closely with each student, listening to their concerns and responding to them as one.
We will use the questionnaires we receive from you to help us better manage the school in the future. We would like to ask for the understanding and cooperation of all parents and members of the community in making the Third Junior High School an even more fulfilling place to attend.
 April 27th, 2024

October 31

Japan Wind instrument ensemble Contest
Awarded the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Prize.
Brass Band Club 

Results of Summer Comprehensive Athletic Meet, Competitions, etc.

Congratulations to the winners of the following prizes 2023

Softball team: Winner
Swimming team participated in the national competition
Baseball team: Second place in the all-around athletic meet
Soccer team: Winner of the all-around athletic meet
Men's basketball team: Winner of the all-around athletic meet

June 3 Club activities send-off party

We will do our best in competitions and contests.
 Today, for the first time in four years, we held a pep rally for club activities in the same format as before Corona. The representatives of each club talked about their plans, goals, and enthusiasm for the summer competitions.
 The second-year students will support their seniors and juniors and play a central role in club activities, aiming to accomplish what they were unable to accomplish last year. Although they are anxious, they will show the results of their daily practice and do their best.
 The slogans and passionate resolutions expressed by each club, as well as the hearty support of the cheering squad and many others , have increased our enthusiasm for the summer competitions. 
 Thank you all for your support.

 ☆Entrance  ☆From the Principal
 ☆Baseball team   
   Goal:To win the prefectural tournament
 ☆Soccer team   
   Goal: To participate in the national tournament
 ☆Men's Basketball Club   
   Goal To participate in Kanto Tournament
 ☆Women's basketball team  
   Goal: To participate in the prefectural tournament
 ☆Men's soft tennis team   
   Goal: To participate in the prefectural tournament
 ☆Women's soft tennis team  
   Goal: To advance to the second round of the prefectural tournament
 ☆Kendo Club   
   Goal: To participate in the prefectural tournament
 ☆Judo Club   
   Goal:To participate in the prefectural tournament
 ☆Women's Volleyball Club   
   Goal: To exceed the first round of the Prefectural Tournament
 ☆Softball Club  
Goal: To win the local chapter championship and participate in the prefectural tournament
 ☆Brass Band Club 
   Goal: To participate in the national tournament
 ☆Art club 
   Goal: To win a competition
 ☆Drama club
    Goal: To create memorable works
 ☆Computer club 
   Goal: To pass P-ken Level 4 or above
 ☆Video Message  ☆From the Cheering Squad
 ☆From the Cheering Squad  ☆Closing speech

May 26th Sports Festival Great Success

☆Pledge of Allegiance  ☆Obstacle race  ☆Tug of war
 ☆Rawhide 2nd Grade  ☆Cheering competition  ☆Eye of the Typhoon 1st Grade
 ☆Jump rope 3rd grade  ☆Extracurricular activities Relay  ☆Awards Ceremony

2023 Athletic Festival Slogan: "Eagles in flight"

 This year's Athletic Festival was the first time in four years that there were no restrictions due to the change in the treatment of coronavirus to Class 5 under the Infectious Disease Control Law.
 Once the competition started, the students received enthusiastic support from many parents and guardians, and they worked hard to demonstrate their abilities and cooperation with their friends. Thanks to their efforts, the day was filled with wonderful memories for the students,parents,and guardians
 For the third-year students, it was their last gymnastic festival. For the 2nd year students, it was their last gymnastic festival, and they were cheering for their seniors as they watched their seniors' performance at the cheering area. After the P.E. festival, we hope that their future school life will be enriched with the slogan of the P.E. festival, "Eagles in flight".  
 Thank you to all parents and community members for your understanding and cooperation in our schools education.


Open School on April 28th

Thank you very much for the great number of people who attended our Open School.
 With the warm days reminiscent of early summer continuing, students are getting accustomed to school, and we are seeing more and more scenes of them being energetic and active with bright eyes as the days go by. First-year students are finally getting used to life at junior high school, second-year students have grown as they have moved up one grade, and third-year students are proud to be upperclassmen. At the open school, it was impressive to see them participating in the classes with bright eyes and hard work.

On April 17th, 2023 an evacuation drill was held. 

 3 actions to protect yourself
☆Check the evacuation route,
  avoid smoke, and evacuate.
☆Evacuate to the school yard and
 check who is enrolled in the school.
☆Disaster Prevention Manager's talk ☆Principal's talk ☆Raising awareness of disaster prevention
  through evacuation drills

 With the start of the new fiscal year, we once again practiced what to do in the event of a disaster.
This year's drill was based on the assumption of a major earthquake (seismic intensity of 6 on the Japanese scale), and confirmed how to respond to a major earthquake, how to respond to a fire, and how to evacuate.
 Since this was the first drill of the school year, there were some less serious moments. We hope that the students will learn from this drill to think and act with a firm resolve against disasters that may occur at any time in the future, and to play a central role in the local community.
 We would like to ask you to reconfirm at home what you should do in the event of a disaster such as a major earthquake. We ask for your understanding and cooperation regarding natural disasters.

April 12th,2023 
Entrance Ceremony 
Welcome to Ichikawa Third Junior High School
273 first-year students have entered the school.

 ☆April 12th, Entrance Ceremony  ☆Where do I belong?  ☆First time at school
  ☆We welcomed new students.  ☆Principal's Ceremonial Address
 ☆PTA President's Ceremonial Address ☆Welcome Speech  Pledge of Allegiance
☆Congratulatory Messages

 Congratulations to all new students on your enrollment.
 Under the soft and warm spring sunshine, the entrance ceremony was held and 273 new students (137 girls and 136 boys) entered Third Junior High School. With measures against infectious diseases gradually easing, it was a great pleasure to see the bright eyes of each new student, filled with dreams and expectations, as they welcomed their first vibrant junior high school life in four years.
 We were able to hold a grand entrance ceremony with many parents attending the ceremony. Thank you very much for your attendance.

April 7th, 2023 
The Opening ceremony 2023 
The 2023 school year has begun, full of dreams and hopes.

☆Greetings from the new staff ☆Greetings from the Principal ☆Staff Introduction

 For the first time in four years, all the students gathered in the gymnasium to start the new school year with a bright and fresh feeling. The infection control measures have been gradually eased, and life at the Third Junior High School is beginning to be as active as it used to be. 3rd graders will lead the school firmly as the highest grade, and 2nd graders as the middle grade. I am looking forward to their future school life.

 The principal said, "I want the students to have dreams and hopes. I want them to work steadily toward their goals, just like Otani in the big leagues." I support all the students who are working hard toward their dreams and hopes. Our entire staff is here to support you." Take care of your health. Although infection control measures have been eased, I hope you will continue to take care of your own health," he said encouragingly.

 Let's all work together to make the upcoming new school year a better one. We look forward to working with all of you, parents and community members, throughout this year.

March 24th, 2023,

We had a closing ceremony and a farewell party for the staff.

【Award Ceremony

For details of the award ceremony, please click here.

【Completion】Celebration of moving on to the next level

☆Receipt of the certificate 

☆Representative's Speech

☆From the Principal

Students representing the Sakura 8 class and each grade stood on stage to receive their certificates.

Each grade representative reflected on the year, their achievements , and their aspirations for the future.

The principal spoke to the students about how they should spend their time during spring break,by taking care of their health and preparing to move on to the next grade.

This school year has been a productive one, with many events including the sports festival, school trip, and chorus festival, despite the effects of the corona virus.

【Farewell party for school staff】

☆Participated via online ☆Don't stop dreaming.
               ☆Introductions and greetings of the departing staff members 

                Thank you for all your help. Thank you very much.

Thank you for your hard work and dedication for the benefit of Third Middle School.
We will never forget you all.

March 10th
Graduation ceremony
Congratulations on your graduation!

☆Entrance of graduates ☆Singing the school song ☆Presentation of diplomas
 ☆Principal's Ceremonial Address    ☆Congratulatory speech by PTA president  ☆Graduation song "Friends, Time to Depart”
 ☆Farewell Speech  ☆Words from Graduates  ☆Departure song "Correct Answer"
☆”The Return of the Crane" from a first-year student ☆Congratulatory telegrams We received warm messages from many people.  

The 74th Graduation Diploma Conferral Ceremony was held and 276 graduates left the school.
Congratulations to all the graduates and their parents.They left the school in high spirits, bidding farewell to their friends and teachers.
Thank you to all the parents and guardians who attended the ceremony and gave us a warm round of applause.
Third Junior High School is always on your side as you work hard to realize your dreams. We are always supporting you.
Thank you to all the parents and community members for your support of Third Junior High School.

March 6th

Farewell party for 3rd graders 

☆From sophomores and freshmen ☆From the second grader

☆Messages from teachers who have helped the students

 Congratulations to the graduates!
 As a token of their appreciation and support, the 1st and 2nd year students made a video to present to the graduates. The committee members and student council put their heart and soul into making this video so that it will be a memorable experience for the 3rd year students.
 The second-year students planned to use a time machine to go back in time and look back on many memories, while the first-year students presented a large mural of about 3,000 cranes that they had all folded under the title "Crane's Return".
 Many messages were received from club activities and teachers who had helped the students, making the event a memorable one.
 The last project was a slide show through which we viewed an album of memories. Many of them had tears in their eyes as they recalled how difficult school life was due to the spread of the corona virus infection.
 Thank you so much, graduates. We will never forget you. We look forward to your future endeavors.

Tuesday, November 1
Ohka Festival a Big Success! 
☆Parents looking forward to entering. ☆Reception  ☆Ohka Festival sign.
(Created by the art department)
☆Presentations of each class. ☆Brass band performances. ☆Volunteer violin performance.
☆Judges' Commentary. ☆Announcement of results ☆Recognition

 The Ohka Festival and Cultural Division held a stage presentation by the Drama Club, a bibliobattle by the Library Committee, and a game presentation by the Computer Club, all via TV in each classroom. The chorus section was held at the Ichikawa City Cultural Hall. It was the first time for the students to present on a large stage, but they were able to show off their wonderful singing voices, making the most of each class' unique talents.
 We hope that the success of the festival will inspire the students to be positive in everything they do and to take on many challenges in their future lives.
 We would like to thank the many people who supported the Ohka Festival in spite of the cold weather. Thank you very much.